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Sonia in the kitchen for the August 28th cooking segment
fried, but i have a twist on it and i w iill tell you what it is. >> will you tel me now? >> yes, let’s do it. you have green plantainsl. it is the family of the banana 234545 but it is biger and stanrchier. you can eat itcat gren or ripe and sometimes the skin gtioeso complete ly black, that is when it gets better because it isus sweet. >> tha t is when it gheets better? >> yes, b yut today we owil work with the green ones. >> i’ve o’nly had a planta ins deep fried. is that the common way to prepare them. m >> there are several ways. you can boil them and smash them like mashedd potatoeps. you can do something similar with the swet swplantain, that, is another show. . >> okay. a >> now, ther>>e is a secret to cut this. i have a knife for.f r >> so i don’t cut myself. >> cut the tips first. and then do you incisions on the plantain. do you one, two, probably three. you ca n do four, what



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