We’re making Croquembouche with owner & chef Jennifer Luxmoore of Sin.
r hode show”t”ho” crew. looking forward to it. let’s head over tot’ the kitchen. patrick, what have you gotha for juice .ju. >> i have jen luxmoor e from sin in of providence. what is that? that looks sinful. fu>> this is a>> cake on a croquembouche, aoq french wedding cake. traditionally it is gluedna it together withge carmel highed sugar.r. carmelizeed sugar isga hot andt not something you want to do for a a home show, i i used white chocolate, it’s at’ traditional di french wedding cake.g . >> i want to eat the whole thing right now. tell me what goes into makingng that? >> it’s basicallyas little mini icream puffs, so it’s this,s, and when it’s baked, turns in t to that, we fill it up fit with a pastry cream, it will be ae tower and we’re going toin decorate it with fresh fruit, so it’s something thatso you could for july 4, throw it together, it’s i really simple, you can make ite



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