Crockpot Chili

If you can open a can, you can make this delicious chili!
. >> on a cold day like today, what are you making in the kitchen? how about a speedy southwestern chicken chili made in the crock pot by our friend pixie. >> you have had a baby. >> he is two months old now. >> this is a great family recipe. >> it’s ridiculously easy and i’m almost embarrassed to share it. it is perfect for one of those days literally. you’ve got five minutes, if you have shredded chicken that it can be done. >> how do we get started. >> so this — when i shred chicken in the crock pot, i always make double and save it because that way you have it for times like this where you are in a rush. but if you do have just raw chicken, you can put a that in as well and it takes longer. >> could you get a rotisserie chicken. >> and that will add good flavor. this is just what i have. put some shredded chicken in there. pan thrpantry items. it is ridiculous. i shouldn’t open them



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