Crispy Whole Fish

We’re cooking Crispy Whole Fish with Executive Chef Kevin Gaudreau from The Pier Restaurant.
you can find outw what is going on. find out what’s going on inn kitchen he ad over to patrick little. kevin is here, goodvi morning. you’re goi ng to make the crispy whole fish wh >> correct. now before we get started. i know we have a camera up here er somewhere.me a baby striped bass. a hybrid striped bass one and a an half pounds. all i think give me back thatha fillet oh ofish. .that one won’t start talking. you caught that this morning? >> yes. tell mete about ingredients. a little ginttger root, lemon grass, a a thai based december. plum sauce, soy. quickly going to saute all of those together and then deep d fry the fish.. real quick prison station.n. looks spectacular and tastes s great. you do it the whole fish. the whole fish. you just use bass or b can you useou anything? an?y kind of a fish by etween a pound and two pounds.p one and a half to twod pounds is best size. takes



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