Crispy Soft Shell Crab, Greek Style

We’re cooking Crispy Soft Shell Crab with Heirloom Tomatoes, goat’s milk feta, mixed olives, and Greek vinaigrette with Chef Jason Santos from Gargoyles on the Square .
people there. >> let’s l head to the k titchen for the non-single patrick little. li >> i am taken. gargoyles on the square, the chef that is t outside o of boston. and the morning you will be cooking something cothis is partth of the newport wine fest.t. >> mostt amazing dishma that hascreams summer.er and we are goind g to do crispy chesapeake bay soft-shelll crab. and goats milk feta and olives and greek salad with the crab. >> so i am looking for the crab. >> the crab is iisn here butterer milk for the crabs.e >> soft-shell crabb and what the newport wine fest and your involvement. em>> the biggest event in the new england area. there are a ton of chefs. jody adams. andan vineyardsar it’s three days of the most amazing wine and wi food. od so the re will be a ton of people and i’m psyched to be ad b part of it. >> our viewers might recognize you. >> that i’m not sure. >> the fox or t



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