Creme Brulee Brownie

Blackwolf run shows us how they make their creme brulee brownie.
cell blew lay brownie. >> welcome. we serve a great menu here. we have breakfast, lunch and dinner. we’re open year round. i know one of your favorite desserts is chocolate. today we’re going to make a chocolate brownie, serve it with a creme brulee, spiced nuts, whipped cream and kahlua ice cream. what we have is one of our home made brownies here with our delicious double thick chocolate at black wonderful is one of our signature dishes. and it’s one of the number one additions here that we serve here at black wolf. so over here we have our creme brulee, a mixture of eggs, sugar, and a little bit of vanilla. what you’re doing is cooking this at a slow temperature in an oven. what you’re doing, just enough to where this sets up so it’s nice and firm. usually a lower temperature, around 300 degrees. we do everything here in a sham, but you can do it in your oven. have some moisture in th



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