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game day goodies with creative cake supplies
inviting friends over. >> sure, everybody’s having thog parties today. and at creative cake supplies we’re going to show you how to make al the desserts, and like you always say, don’t spend a whole lot of time in the kitchen, be out with your guests. all of it is stuff you can make ahead on saturday and then serve it on sunday. >> love it. >> we managed to get an exclusive item for the super bowl. this is a nfl officially licensed green bay packers helmet cake pan. >> cute! >> that you can do so much more with it. >> how much? >> 19.99. >> so bawfl yier not going to just use for it this game, you’ll use i it all the time. >> exactly, and you can do – we did a rice rice crispy helmet in it. >> so you press them into the pan and they come out easily? >> it pops out, you butter it just like another pan. >> how did you decorate the top? >> that’s a little bit of rolled fond and ant, so it’s



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