Creating Memories For Food

Author Lisa Estabrook comes to Connecticut Style to discuss her cookbook, My Daughter the Bride.
connecticut mom lisa estabrook began gathering her family recipes as a way to preserve memories. >> what a cool idea. the result, “my daughter the bride”, turned into a wedding presents from her daughter and it is full of memories create with food and she is here to share some with us today. >> what a great idea. tell us what we’re making today. >> we are making appetizers, this is sweet with the heat spread so we’re also making anald monday and strawberry salad. >> how did all this evolve. how do you go from having the recipes to actually having a book now. >> just compiling them over 30 years, i’ve been married for 30 years, my daughter moved out, wanted recipes e-mails to her so i put them on computer, e-mailed them to her and after two years of doing this i ended up compiling a book and publishing it. >> it started with e-mailing your daughter recipes and now this book in barns and n



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