Create Your Own Dunkin Donut

Your chance to design a donut to be sold at participating Dunkin’ Donuts
cook like a pro. >>> you certainly know what time it is. >> i know what time it is. >> to design the donut. > dunkin donuts has launched a national design your own donut contest. >> listen to this you could win $12,000, have your donut creation sold in dunkin donuts stores across the country. and here to help us is franchise owner john coglund. we are excited to have you here. well, we’re excited to have the donuts here. let’s be honest. an online contest, build your own virtual donut. >> virtual baker online. whatever flavors you want, varieties you want, you submit it. if it is picked, it is featured in our stores, and you win $12,000. >> i went online this morning. i built my own for fun. i haven’t finished it yet. i am not telling, you could steal my idea. >> you never know. >> you will have 12 finalists. you will be looking at them and then what takes place. >> a committe that looks



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