Create A Spa With Holiday Leftovers

Create a spa with holiday leftovers
the day. don’t forget to include your name and where you live. >>> we’re doing a little something different this thanksgiving. why not give special thanks to your face, body, hair, soul. all creating a spos with the leftovers. you heard me right. the leftovers from thanksgiving. beauty expert stacy cox is here with a few of those creative ways. we start with dessert? >> i couldn’t figure out what to do with turkey. it’s still killing me. eat the turkey. then you do spa treatments. okay. what we’re doing is we’re taking aunt mary’s jell-o mold and we’re cutting it in squares. >> this is to reduce puffiness? >> this is an eye treatment. we’re going it take the mold, cut it in square and wrap it in plastic wrap. stick it in the freezer about 30 minutes to get it cold and hard. then take ai on korea. apply the eye cream around the orbital of our eye, then take our new eye pack, chilled pack,



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