Creamy Succotash With Bacon, Thyme And Chives

Lima bean respect day, so here’s a jazzy succotash recipe that even your kids will eat!
. . . . . guess what today is … it’s lima bean respect day! you heard that right. now how many of you as kids always dreaded those days when mom made lima beans … in think it’s a texture issue as they can be a little squishy and slimy, but they are chock full of nutrients and can be quite flavorful. e most famous dish that always contains lima beans is succotash. and today, i’m making a creamy succotash with bacon, thyme and chives. it’s super-easy; first i fry some bacon until crisp, broken up into pieces. i drain that on a paper towel. then a saut some onion in the bacon drippings, then add a package of frozen lima beans and some water, salt and pepper. bring to a boil then simmer about 5 minutes. then, i add a package of frozen corn, some heavy cream and thyme and heat through. at the end, i stir in the fried bacon and some chives and serve immediately. recipe on the website or at



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