Creamy Chicken Pesto With Bowties

We’re cooking Creamy Chicken Pesto with Bowties in the Rhode Show kitchen with Doug Pierson.
is cooking with the he best of the best. >> absolutely. i’m cooking today with a a retired principal, doug pearson and doug ou won a big contest. >> the taste of rhode island, the “the rhode show” spons rored the taste of rhode island recipe r contest and i won that and i went to newport and i cooked with lily down there. >> that’s right. she mentioned somethiedng earlier er that you guys were g cooking down there, how intrigued she was w about the food she was f making. she was quite surprised but pleasantly surprised. >> today we’re t making cream i — creamycr pesto chicken bow tieke pasta. >> do these>> t need to be pounded? >> no.>> i did butterfly them, so they were o nlywe half thef thiheckness from when i boughtbo them. so that, we’ll a dd creamed chicken soup, pesto and milk and cook that down and when a that’s w hall done, we’ll add the bow tieie pasta to it. >> whe n we talk a



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