Cranberry Harvest

do you know how they harvest cranberries
wisconsin. take a look. >> this is time for crab growers — cranberry growers, it runs through the month of october. we work really hard. it’s an annual process. in this particular season is when all of our hard work [indiscernible]. it’s hard work because they’re working really long hours, 10-15 hours days. we’re trying to also protect the fruit from sauce. we also have to do frost watch on top of harvest production. it’s great. we keep really busy with all the different processes. we have different dedicated teams that are allowed to focus on different types of the harvest. from [indiscernible] knocking them off the vines, to coraling them into a circle, and then the production team elevates them into the truck. from there they go to their home, their home can be a place where they make fruit, or where they make dry the cranberries, or concentrate. those handler facilities are located



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