Crackling Shrimp Crackling Shrimp

We’re cooking Crackling Shrimp in the kitchen with Rhode Show fan Steve Pickman.
thanks so much, melissa. let’s head over to thehe kitchen for patrick littleri who nay row live got his collegee degree by d e the in of his teeth.th >> my dad said i had fourad years to get out of college and after that i was on w my own. steve pickman isev with us this morning, he’s a “the rinhode”t show” fan. we love having “the erhode show” rh fans in the kitchen. >> huge fan. >> he’s cooking crackling shrimp. >> yes. >> what makes your shrimp hr crackle. >> it’s the sound it makes whenak you make the sauce, it crack else. no pop, just crackle. >> what’s in the ingredients here in your crackling shrimp.kl >> we have oil wve base, olive oil base, then you have your freshsh garlic, ginger root, long redlo pepper, that adds a littleddli heat, which is great, thenre a little white wine and some soy sauce. >> okay. and scallions.io >> can’t forget the scallions. is this something you inve



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