Crabcake And Chicken Caesar Salad

Crabcake and chicken caesar salad
>> we have ever kitchen master chef kevin mariza. i love that you are a marine, i have great respect for marines. we are making a fried chicken caesar salad, but first, we are going to start with your signature crab cake. >> we are going to start with the wet ingredients first. two cups of manas. >> we are going to put all of the ingredients on the screen. >> lemon juice. >> the jumbo lump crab meat, that is some of the biggest i have ever seen. >> use texas pete hot sauce. it has a nice blend. otherwise, all you taste is the hot sauce. this is old bay. >> how do you put your signature on the crab cake ? >> i cook them. [laughter] everything goes in the oven. what we are going to make here is the crisp. i made 3 pounds of crab, we probably have enough people here for that. going to put some bread crumbs in there to get started. i have to roll up my sleeve. >> so you are not mixing it too



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