Crab Encrusted Filet Mignon

Crab Encrusted Filet Mignon
get your thoughts on the air. >> you have already been busy. we are making incrusted filet mignon. what kind of ingredients do we need? >> for the stir-fry coleslaw, we will stir fry it up in a little sesame oil. carrots, ginger, garlic, mayo, white balsamic vinegar to finish it. then we will adjust to a typical potato hash. — then we will just do a typical potato— hash. >> is very decadent for a breakfast will. — meal. >> we will finish off the filet mignon in the oven. just salt and pepper it, that is all you need to do. >> you just put salt and pepper on it. >> just a nice hot pan. but in the oven for 8 minutes if you like it medium rare. 10-12 if you like it a little more well done. >> what do people look for it to find the right filet mignon? >> it is all about the cholera. — it is all about the caller: ring — coloring. >> then we pop it in the oven? >> pop in the oven. >> wha



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