Cowboy Steak & Tenderloin Tips

347 Grill cooks up some delicious steak for Valentine’s Day.
vince, what is on the menu? >> if you like beef, you’re going to love this. this is justin kaine, the chef from shula’s 347, don shula, the legendary coach with the baltimore colts and of course the undefeated miami dolphins, 1972 team, started all this way back when, he’s got a bunch of restaurants around the country, now he’s got one in providence. temperature us what we’re going to cook today, justin. stupid question, obviously beef. >> we’re doing beef today. our first is going to be our shula 16-ounce cowboy steak. >> and which one is that? >> that’s the one in the center, bone in rib eye, 16 ounces of meat, we’ll be grilling that up and finishing the oven for you guys. >> give me some of the ingredients. >> for that one, very simple. shula’s prides himself on a wet aged steak, so we do very little — >> what’s the wet aged steak. >> wet aged steak is something that’s been fabricate



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