Cowboy Steak And Creamed Corn

We’re making prime aged cowboy steak and fresh sweet creamed corn off the cob with pancetta.
we’ve all got our hats on. >> i look like the flying nun. >> she does. >> i always have looked out of place in a kitchen. it doesn’t surprise anyone in the viewing audience. >> we are here with carlos from fred and steve’s, did i pronounce that correctly? >> yes, you did. >> where do i know the accent from? >> cape verde island. >> my friend, fred and steve’s restaurant out at twin river. of course, they are known for their beef and that is what you have brought us today. give us an idea of the cuts of beef that we’re cooking. >> cooking today, it’s a cowboy steak, it’s a french cut, top of the line. and step number one, going to season both sides. >> season it with pepper, salt, grand lated garlic. >> are we using a special salt, more coarse salt? >> we use — yes, kosher salt. i like to use a kosher salt, i prefer to use kosher salt. >> and we’re also cooking creamed corn? >> we’ve alr



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