Courthouse Pub Cranberry Salad.

The Courthouse Pub in Manitowoc shows us their recipe for cranberry salad with grilled chicken and bleu cheese.
the grill. they’ve got great dessert recipes. right now what do you do with leftover grilled chicken? seems like i’ve always got a couple extra pieces. what do you do with it? we’re heading to a great restaurant in manitowoc that meteorologist told me about. he hts the road once in a while and tells me about these places. this is this courthouse pub again in manitowoc and they do a delicious grilled chicken salad with cranberries and bleu chese. >> this is our cranberry and bleu cheese chicken spammed first we start with a plate of aspirin greens and we drizzle on our salad dresing. here we use our raspberry vinaigrette mix with a little cranberry juice but you can mix it with pomegranate juice or blueberry joist to give it a little different flavor. that’s up thousand. to you. after we have our salad we top with it dried cranberries. pecans, bleu cheese crumbles, a few cue kummer slices



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