Couple Finds Pearl Inside Quahog

A Cumberland couple almost ate a pearl they found in one of their hand-harvested quahogs this weekend.
tonight – a rare find that almost cost one cumberland couple a trip to the dentist. the pair discovered a pearl inside one of their hand harvested quahogs… but almost swallowed the evidence! eyewitness news reporter stephen schuler has the story that’s new at six – from the blackstone valley mobile newsroom. 10:05 – well the couple actually pronounces their last name “one shell” and after decades of quahogging, it only took one shell for them to make the find of a lifetime. cathy wunschel pulls cherry stone clams from the stove in her cumberland kitchen. the mother of four is all smiles – two days after finding a shiny surprise in her seafood feast. i said what is this? i found it in the muscle of the clam. he says that’s says that’s a pearl. she says i found somethingit’s a pearl. cathy and ken wunschel took their boat out clamming early saturday morning in narragansett – collecting a



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