Country Mouse City Mouse

gulten-free food from Iozzo’s Chef Kathy
[music] >> andi: well, you know from the cover of several local area magazines, all the write-ups she has had and of course “indy style” kitchen, we have chef kathy here. good to see you. >> tracy: how are you? >> good, good. >> tracy: what have you been doing because the last time you were here you were so pumped, you were moving things outside and mother nature–jokes on you. >> andi: pulled the emergency brakes. >> we still have chefs that are scheduled. i recently purchased country mouse city mouse and hoosier mama is going through the roof. she needed a little bit of help. we have a lot of calls for natural products. i believe in the slow food movement. we talked about that about. gluten-free, we’re going to feature some of the products in the restaurant. we’ll be at the farmer’s market. purchase it in whole foods. >> tracy: you have to be impressed–it’s one thing to use a product



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