Couch Potato Diet

We’re cooking with Greg Ladas, author of The Couch Potato Diet in The Rhode Show kitchen. The meals Greg demonstrates are designed to be healthy and convenient to prepare, taste great, and maintain your love for foods like breakfast burritos and sausage&pepper sandwiches (in order to avoid the temptations of unhealthy fast food). His book provides a road map for all meals and snacks like this including nachos, pizza, pasta, burgers, chips, cookies, candy, ice cream, and more!
go to tg heo kitchen now, vinceno and i, we’re coach — couch potatoes a pndoend we’re making ak food f or just you andor it .an >> don’t lump me into being a ng couch potato withh you, y my m friend. i’m at the gym. you have to knock that stuff out. we’re talking about couch potato diet di. greg ladas, my m friend, wefr have a lot of stuff here. first of all, tell me how you got interested in this and you lost 50 pounds just eating thisth stuff and not really, i’mll assuming, from thesu title, couch pota, that you didn’t do a lot of exercise. >> exercise is a part of it, but you canyo definitelyte reduce yourou calorie intake by stickingti to three core principles oflef diet,ie which is toh add extra fiber to your diet, protein, cut bacuck on saturated fats andd cholesterol, and significantly reduce thee sugar intake. >> so give me an idea of what we have here that may h go into one or



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