Costa Vida Shrimp Tacos

Chef Dave makes delicious Ripped Shrimp Tacos with Mango Salsa
. >> time for fiest oo in thea in the kitchen with dave. making dave rifs –. >> riff is a surfing term, when i catch a 15-foot wave, the power behind that is intense. same thing with tacos. i love tacos, you know why? it’s funny, people have been stuffing food in other goods for centuries. back to the chinese, early egyptiians. >> the first time i had a fish taco is a padres game. i’m glad you have them at costa vita. >> we do. classical mexican inspired dish called acrema, which is just a little bit of sour cream. we will put a little bit of heavy cream in there. that’s why it’s so good. >> it is. then we’re going to take a piece of avocado. >> i love avocado. >> and what this does is it just adds a little bit of texture, little bit of plaifer to your flavor. >> and what are you putting in here. >> this is a salsa fresco we have. >> and it is made of love. >> and passion. >> this creme



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