Corp. Executive Chef, Brian Bland From The Culinary Edge

Corp. Executive Chef, Brian Bland from The Culinary Edge
being — >> we are in the kitchen with corporate executive chef from the culinary and kidder this morning and we are making grilled pork loin. >> we do off service catering from our site. >> tell me a little bit about what we are putting in the pork loin today. >> we are doing it with sweet potato pancakes and a pearl onions pecan bourbon glaze. >> are we talking about morning pancakes? >> absolutely. >> tell us about what you have over here. >> we have clarified butter, pearl onions, pecans, maple syrup, bourbon, the ground carden, fresh sweet potatoes, and for a garnish, we have lingonberries, powdered sugar. we’re going to get our mashed potatoes started and we will get our pork tenderloins started. >> how can i help you? >> making our little short stocks. >> i am very good pancakes. i make good bana chocolate chip pancakes. you have no idea. >> absolutely. let me get to my gloves her



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