Coronation Chicken

We’re cooking Coronation Chicken with Chef Sophie Plowright of Newport Cooks.
ourok cooks over in the kitchen, let’sn, ‘shead to patrick little.tl >> we’re cooking with newport cook, sophie plowrcoight joins us this is morning, her maiden voyage on “the rhode show.” .”>> absolutely.el never been here before.fo >> are youou excited?xc >> absolutely. >> are you going tong teach me to t cook? >> that’s a bitt of a toss. >> grilled cheese andeend mac & cheese. & seyou’re doing somethingre a little more advanced inmo morningd . >> we are, we are doing coronation chicken, the theme is gourmet picnic , so you’vepi taken a verya uniquely englishsh dish and great picnic discnh, it’s like a cold curry chi ckenry salad, we haveve onion, bay leaves, aes hint h of curry, very, english feelee to it, everything has curry in, tomato paste andnd folded in with mayonn aise and whipped cream. ppre >> is i tomato paste the same thing as tomato paste. >> slightly different. th



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