edible centerpiece done by a viewer
piece for your holiday table. >> i have a bread corncopia for thanksving. make your guests feel comfortable when they see an edible center piece. we start with frozen bread. you take the directions on the back of the bag. you need 3 loaves, you roll it out. for the first piece you’ll need pretty wide, not too thin. and then you’re going to have — you’re going to need the heavy duty, thick, wide tinfoil and you’re just going to make a cone. you swirl it out like that. it doesn’t have to be perfect. just needs to be like your base. and then you just need cheaper tinfoil or you can use the heavy duty stuff and put it in the middle. and then you’re going to take — set it on your bread. you have to do an egg wash to hold the bread together. also helps keep it golden brown. and you’re just going to wrap. then you put your egg wash right on the edge of the seam. your egg wash is going to be l



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