Corned Beef And Cabbage Sandwich

corned beef and cabbage sandwich
i feel we should be doing a dance right now. we are so excited. we have chef jeff from smith’s joining us on this st. patrick’s day. thank you for being here. >> i am happy to be here. >> alison: so many things going on and smith’s really does have an assortment.>> you will find all the things you need to celebrate st. patrick’s day right. we have items from the bakery, cupcakes, brownies and all green of course. >> alison: they are so cute too. i just billiken something can easily just go grab. do not worry if you’re not a big hook like me. >> and we had this shamrock here everyone needs that for a little lock on everyday really but st. patrick’s day. >> alison: a little love, why not? super cute! you have a great photo department t. i was in one of your stores in provo the other day. i did not realize that. >> yes, it is fantastic. they do a really good job. >> alison: what are you coo



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