Corned Beef And Cabbage Rolls

Today we’re celebrating St. Patricks Day by cooking Corned Beef and Cabbage Rolls with Creative Culinary Demo Specialist Aurora White of Whole Foods.
for now, we’ll head into the kitchen to begin our st. patrick’s day pck festivities. over to patrick.o >> aurora a wahite and chrisy c tate are here fro m e whole foods. what are were making? >> we are making correspond beef and cabbage rolls. it’s a nice different wayfe of having correspond beef andre cabbage. ag>> that’s appropriate hafor the day. y.even at breakfasttime, it’sas appropriate to eat this on st. patrick’s day. tell me about the ingredients. looks pretty simple, eveimn for a guyy that’s not so savvy in the kitchen. >> it’s really simple. all it is is two pounds ofds cooked correspond beef, a couple of carrots, which are my own additionon, potatoes, it calls for russets, i use new potatoes, that way you don’t have to worrying about peeling, parsley and butter.d >> whole process, start to finish, takes how long? >> 20 minutes, half-hour. >> wha t do you have over there? >> t



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