Corn Chowder And Potato Salad

Corn Chowder and Potato Salad
>> if it is in hampton roads, it is on “the hampton roads show.” >> hi, everybody. happy friday. we welcome you to “the hampton roads show.” some of you are wondering, where in the world is kerri furey. she is live in downtown norfolk at harborfest. >> look at your head. he is a big boy. happy harborfest. that is what it is all about this morning. behind the is a ship from delaware. they are getting ready to leave so they can be part of the. parade of sails. we’re going to show you a tournament this morning. it is going to be a fine morning, so make sure you stick around. >> we will be checking in with kerri furey throughout the show. a lot is going on. you probably heard our live at the end at the beginning of our show. they are here to talk about a baseball clinic. >> of course, it is friday. we will have live music. today, reggae band destination multistage. >> also here is burton’s g



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