Corn Chowder

corn chowder 2
jalapeno peppers. we will let that slowly cook until the onions — >> meanwhile, you are going to show was a trick. >> i want to show you a trip with the corn. take the top off. peel down side by side. from there, figures away from blade, chop down the side of the corn. the kernels will come off just like that. >> some people may stay away from fresh because they do not want the prep work. >> if people learn the little tricks, they realize how easy this can be. now we have our onion sauce is, we will go ahead and add that corn. this is about 4 cups of corn. all fresh. we will start at around and make sure that renders and it is nice and mixed in with the corn. once each kernel is codated — we’re going to hurry this right up. we will glaze this with a white wine. >> that it’s all of the flavor. — that gets all of the flavor. >> that is heavy cream. >> that is just the boiling water. >>



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