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fun. check it out. breakfast al al all sorts of great new breakfast ideas here. we have just about any thing you want to. the food to go in it. i got great recipes i will share with you also. awesome. we’ll start with the favorite waffle makers. >> these are the good one. >> we have the regular ones, too. you have heart shaped over there. the good thing the presto one. when you go to hotel. this will flip. what happens? it gets really open and airy an great. we have the wafle mix which is spectacular. >> woe. >> love it. love it. there us the heart-shaped waffle pan. very cute. tell me about this. >> this is cool. >> it is real easy. this thing comes off. it stays hot. actually dip this in the batter which puts a nice thin layer an it coks up. wonderful. these are $39. we love that. >> let’s talk eggs an back on. we have egg rolls, heart shaped, square any shape you want. >> i love the o



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