Cooks Asparagus

cooks asparagus
22news reporter sy becker had never tasted asparagus ice cream, until today… it’s stronger than vanilla. you get the nuts? it is nutty. .. beth cook has made 4 hundred gallons of hadley grass ice cream during the past ten years. 22news asked what inspired her to make this unconventional ice cream? so i was making ice cream in the middle of the night, so i cooked up a little asparagus and hand stirred it into ice cream.. . customers who love asparagus but had never tasted asparagus ice cream before, took the taste test… that’s pretty good, the nuts really taste great.. at first it didn’t sound too appetizing, it was really good.. is this a typical reaction? some say, well i wouldn’t want a whole dish of it, ha,ha,ha.. from her experience, beth cook finds that women are more willing to try the asparagus ice cream, men are more reluctant….this is sy becker for 22news.. a lot of your n



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