Cooking: Zone Diet

Dr. Barry Sears joins The Rhode Show in the kitchen.
show.” this morning in the kitchen, we’re with the wowirldrl reknowned dr. barry sears, creating of the zone diet and i’m d really r excited because you have new endeavor of med well foods 123.com and they’re thee foods that can helcap you stay on track oto stay on thee zone diet, right? >> we start out with a new technology, these are the foods people like to eat. if they eat them, will never be hungry, because we’re changing the hormones down within the wne body. bo >> we’re going to make some pasta here. i see — is thats premade, openop it up, throw it in. [. [inaudible] >> that’s the story of my life.st >> can i interrupt for just one second. rick, give us a pan of then food we’ve got here. this is not crappy food. >> i wantwa to dive in to this brownie first.. i want to, i’ll take that cookie an brownie. i’ll take that. almonds, i have cinnamon bread. i mean, this is real good food



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