Cooking With Your Kids

We’re cooking Sweet Berry Farms “Peaches and Cream” Popsicles and Allen Farms Mini Pea Green Pesto Pizza in the kitchen with Chef Jake Rojas from Tallulah on Thames.
n over to lily who is in i the kitchen. how the popsicles coming, lily? >> the crew is saying you’re up but i’m talk to go alicia, what are we making, do you know?no >> pizza. >> we’re going to w do that in just a minute, but ist think first what we’re going to d to is introduce jake rojas from tulaul on main. we’re going to be making a peaches and cream popsicle. have you ever had the peaches and cream popsicle? >> no. >>ou have not? i love yourou manicure.an that is cute. what are we doing? >> we’re going to be making g homemadema pizzas, with a pea p green pesto. >> interesting. is that mtade witadh peas and not basil? >> it’s actually the pea greens, which you can find at the pawtucket farmers market. >> i see. first of all, let me go t ghrough the ingredients, for the peaches and creaman popsicle, it is going to be the peaches,es honey, and what else isls this? t >> peach>> yogurt.u



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