Cooking With Thunder Bay Grille

Mike from Thunder Bay Grille cooks ribs.
is time to get out the adult bibs, handy wipes or towels. >> ever worn one of these before? >> i don’t know if i have but they are messy. >> ribs are sure messy. >> mike, these are not old ribs. are they the messy kind. >> as messy as you want them to be. they are the same type of ribs we use on sunday brunch as a matter of fact and we get so many compliments on we decided to give people at dinnertime the opportunity, too. >> as many as you said. >> as many as you want. starting this sunday at the thunder bay grille. 12.99 all you can eat with french fries, coleslaw. sweet biscuits and butter. come on out and try the ribs. they are really good. >> if you can eat all of these in one seating it is still 12-point 9. >> starve yourself for a whole day, come on out and fill up. >> that’s the key. don’t eat anything and come in at 5:00 or 6:00 when you are really hungry. >> we were talking abo



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