Cooking With Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay never dissapoints when it comes to quality cooking. This week, they’re going to tempt our taste buds with a delicious Prime Rib Steak with Whiskey River Kentucky Bourbon Sauce.
>>> welcome tore “the morning blend.” we are cooking with thunder bay. had you noticed a little sip of whiskey if you have tried it and sometimes to warm up your whole body sometimes from the inside out. >> that’s true. it may be what inspired thunder bay to make a whiskey sauce to warm us inside out. chef mike sigler is back with a new dinner feature incorporating this lovely liquor. >> that’s right. >> it is holiday time and warm up the kitchen and strong flavors and bourbon for west our steak for breakfast today and live it up large. >> i have to read this description you sent to us. >> it is a half pound cut of rib eye steak seasoned and char grilled to order topped with whiskey river kentucky bourbon sauce and served with hashed brown potatoes doesn’t that sound good to me. >> sounds fantastic. >> and you wrote that. >> i did, eh? >> yes. >> good stuff there and how you do make it.



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