Cooking With The Machine Shed

Come to The Machine Shed to find real food, real people and real memories. When planning your holiday events and parties, consider The Machine Shed catering to handle all the details for you. Chef Terry Waite is on set to tell us all about his holiday meal ideas.nn nwww.machineshed.com
>>> welcome to “the morning blend.” we are cooking with the machine shed. if you are hosting thanksgiving you are probably feeling overwhelmed. right? >> today how to set the table and forget about it. we know how you can get a delicious meal on the table the easy way. we are about to tell about you it. >> why not let someone else make the gravy. mashed potatoes. chef terry wait is back with a feast. so much food he needed help. joing terry is the director for the machine shed. welcome and good morning. >> hello. >> how are you? >> you forgot your chef coat. >> 1999 i didn’t have to cook. >> 1999 we are cooking with the machine shed. everything is prepared. >> yeah. >> that’s the point. >> that’s the point. >> let us do the worken and joy the party. >>> people hosting thanksgiving and pass off like they made everything. >> they will have to reheat things and get everything set up ahead o



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