Cooking With The Cardi’s Family

This morning in the kitchen we’re cooking up some home-style pasta dishes with the Cardi’s family.
>> thanks so much court. ou let’s head over to the kitchen. >> this is exciting. it’s like a cardi’s holiday, right? this is mary ann cadi and her er son nick andck yourr two other sons will be joining us later in theer show. so great of to have you here. re >> thank you.ha >> this must be pretty cool cooking with your sons on tv. >> quite an experience. quite an experience. e >> do they usually spend a lot of time ine the kitchen. >> not very muotch. not very much. >> is that true? >> i think this is the first time. >> we’re good learners though. >> learning how tog cook on live tv. i don’t suggest you do it every day by the way.ay what are we makreing this morning. >> well, some macaroni and meat balls and pizza. so do you want to put the tomatoes in? i >> if you want>> me w to. >> the sausage is already browned. >> sausage is browned inow the pan. >> put two chance in. >> don’t splatt



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