Cooking With The Arpaio’s

Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his wife Ava show Sonoran Living viewers how to make a family favorite
you’d start your week out with us. and it’s an interesting day in the kitchen. we want to get right to them. we have ava wife of joe and . >> welcome. >> thank you. >> we’re cooking a dish today. chicken tortellini. do you do this quite often? >> yes i do this often with joe. >> and he looks at you with love. >> and his growling stomach, probably. >> what kind of food do you cook at home? do you cook all the time? >> i cook some italian, some american, a variety. >> how is her cooking? >> i’m never home to eat food. >> do you cook anything? >> i’ve never boil boiled water in my life. >> you’re spoiled. for home years? >> 53. >> that’s all, hey? >> let’s talk about this recipe. the basic ingredients we’re working with. >> that’s the trtellini and we have parsley flakes and powdered garlic and italian seasoning, and some broccoli. >> what have you started here on the burner? >> well i’ve g



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