Cooking With TenOak

TenOak shows how to make a few menu items from their Kentucky Derby part! They are located 409 Colorado St.nnPulled Pork Sliders Recipe:nSlider buns (2.5 oz)nPulled Pork (3oz)nBourbon BBQ sauce (1.5oz)nColeslaw(1oz)nBrush buns with butter then toast. While it is in the oven toasting in a sauce pan heat up bourbon BBQ sauce then and in the pulled pork. Pull buns out of oven then top one bun with BBQ pulled pork mix then top with coleslaw.nnTexas Peach Mint Julep Recipe:n2 oz Garrison Brothers Texas Whiskeyn1 oz water nHeaping teaspoon powdered sugarn2 wedges fresh Texas peachn4-5 fresh mint sprigs (from Texas)nMuddle mint, add peach and muddle some more, add the bourbon and sugar and stir until sugar is dissolved, mix in sparkling water and serve over ice.
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