Cooking With Soy

Registered dietitian Cindy Brison shows Mike how to cook with soy by making a tater tot casserole while talking about the health benefits of soy.
let’s send it over to you. >> thanks, mary. we love — i mean love to talk about food around here on “the morning blend” and the conversation today turns to soy and from our local office dietician cindy brcieson is here to teach us how to cook with soy. how are you? >> i’m great. >> i have to admit — when i think about soy i think of the soy burgers in the cafeteria as a little kid. you are different than that, right? >> definitely not dried out. i’m not into tofu. this is changing a little bit about what you do every day to incorporate a little soy and heart health. >> 0 why is soy so good for you. what are the health benefits? >> it is very high in fiber. it is high in sita minutes and minerals. it is a pro seen source that is very, very low in fat. >> it has really become mainstream cooking with soy. you’ve seen it really evolve over the last 10, 15 years? >> definitely. definitely.



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