Cooking With Produce

Deborah Niemann-Boehle, local homesteader and writer, joins us today to show us what to do with all the zucchini and other squash that’s in your garden or that you buy from the farmer’s market.nnDeborah is making a squash stir-fry and talking about all the different squashes available right now and, of course, how to tell the difference between a good squash and a squash-gone-wrong!nnSummer Squash with Basil Chiffonadenn2 small summer squashn5 basil leavesn1 large garlic clovennSlice squash 1/4 inch thick and saute over medium heat in a lightly oiled pan for four to five minutes, stirring squash once or twice during cooking to avoid burning. While squash is cooking, chiffonade basil by rolling leaves into a tube shape and then cut across the tube, which will create long strips of basil. After three to four minutes when squash looks almost done, crush garlic and add to pan, then sprinkle in basil.nnServes two as a side dish or one as a light entrée. Can easily be doubled or tripled.nnCheck out her blog for recipes and more information.nnAntiquity Oaks
>>> got squash? this time of year squash and zucchini line every farmers market table. to me, these veggies are scary and present challenges like how do you cook them? how do you make them taste good and where can you find a good recipe. >> deborah is a home setter. she is a writer and is farmers market expert and has great recipes you want to try and save. >> welcome to the show. nice to have you here. >> thank you. >> it is great to be here. >>> i will put it out there. i know nothing about squash. i am the most uneducated person who it comes to squash, ever. and you have these different types that i have no clue what they are. >> can you tell us about the types here? >> start over here. what is this. >> that’s a scallop squash. that’s a little far gone. probably. >> tiffany: it will be real seedy. >> how can you tell? by the color? >> the size. >> use them when they are smaller. >> wh



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