Cooking With Legumes

Legumes are a healthy and delicious food that are easy to cook with.
>> well, today it’s all about legumes, and used in indian kitchens, we’re talking pea, beans and len ’tilr tills, and they have lots of benefits. we want to welcome back amala hold. she’s going to fill us in. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> look, you come bearing a hug and kiss, i love it. let’s dive right in, we’re talking about legumes, a they are very prevalent in the indian kitchen. why? >> well, we all kn that it’s very high in protein. what we don’t know is it has so many other very good benefits. one, they are made up of complex carbohydrates which makes it a low glimmic index foods, so you fualauer longer. >> and you talk about different legumes. of all these legumes and what is one? >> beans, pe, and len tills. here we have a grouping of all the beans and peas, and here, len tills, and what are they? they are the split version of the beans. >> really? >> and you grew up ea



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