Cooking With Julie Taboulie

Julie gives some ideas for Thanksgiving Stuffing
a bird, we have julie taboulie. good morning. >> morning, hi, guys. happy thanksgiving. >> this is wonderful. >> first things first what is thanksgiving like in a julie taboulie house? >> always lots of food. i have very big family. >> are you cooking? >> i’m cooking. usually everybody is cooking, because everybody cooks in my family. both my daughters are cooking. i’m cooking. my mom is cooking. we’re all cooking. >> are you all in the kitchen together or cooking at your homes then bringing it together. >> i’m going to do some at my home. we’re having it at my brother’s house. we’ll all be in the kitchen at one point. it makes it a lot of fun. i am going to be doing this. this stuffing, gosh my mom has been making ever since i was a kid. it’s absolutely delicious. obviously thanksgiving all about traditions and things like that. but it’s nice to add couple new things to the mix every ye



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