Cooking With Hot 93.7

The Hot 93.7 Morning Show makes a Frito salad
it up in the kitchen to show us how it is done. welcome to the two of you. >> ladies. >> give me a hug. oh. >> one big party. >> one big party. >> are you going to pick me up? > i’m not going to pick you up. >> listen, do you cook on the morning show? >> no, no. >> no, not really, no. >> buck never does anything for me in the morning. >> wait a minute, she should be cooking for you. >> he says he is the greatest cook in the world. >> i hear you make a mean veggie lasagna. >> he stopped me. i don’t want to show her up. if a guy comes in and cooks better than her, it wouldn’t be good. >> when all else fails, break out the fritos. >> being on t radio, weon’t have a lot of time. we felt that it was spring is in the air, we wanted to do something fun – >> fritos. >> i know that you’re watching your weight, you want to get in shape by summer. i mean — >> what kind of shape are you trying to g



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