Cooking With Crystal

News Channel 8’s Crystal Haynes joins Sonia and Des in the kitchen.
son the street. >> but we know her at a movie before and you now a fitness ss infusist. . >> i’m super j % >> i’mup super jazzed to be here. i’m excited. i won’t picki you up, though. >> i knew that was coming. >> t here it is. a fitness buf. we are excited,cte seriously, you just finnished celebrating your six month aniversary with cross fit and you’re changing your life around. >> it all started with a story io was doing with cross fitos an d i was looking for something that would bring my fitness to a new level. three years ago i was sick and almost died andd i said i was never going to be that weak again. i spent a lot of time ofi my life being sick with asthma, respiratory infections and i never thought i could be an athlete but through cross fit milford and jason who astarted it, i was able to be inspired to be an athlete. i just celebrated my six-month anniversary you. >> look fan



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