Cooking With Coffee

You know that Steep & Brew Coffee is the official coffee of The Morning Blend, but did you know it’s also great to cook with? Check out some of these great recipes featuring Steep & Brew Coffee.
>>> welcome. doesn’t that look good? >> yes. >> grilled chicken molaise sauce. people don’t know what it is. >> it can be anything from traditional to extraordinary. you probably don’t recognize our next guest. we know him so well. the chef is “the morning blend” technical producer matt scott and a big foodie and has cooked for us once before on the show which was fantastic and it was a huge success and in fact it was your buzzed up chili recipe. >> yes. we were coming up with new ways to feature the coffee and one was making the chili and she won first prize. >> so cool. >> i loved that chili. was there a secret ingredient in there? i can’t rember. >> love. >> it was steep & brew. >> so one of the viewers actually used it in the competition and won the contest with your recipe. >> didn’t you take credit. >> i am waiting for a check. >> we better get started because wave lot to go th



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