Cooking With Citrus: Citrus Salad & Dressing

Central Market’s citrus fest
welcome back.&-pright now the citrus fest is underway at central market. and with dozens of >> right now the different citrus c fruits to chooseitrus fest is from…the choice on which ones to buy underway at central market with and what to make with them can be dozens of fruits to choose from, tough! well, don’t worry. and the choice is on what to buy central market’s & mary martini is& and what to make with them and it can joining us with easy be recipes for a citrus a tough one. ma salad, dressing andry dessert. martini is here from central market and has delicious recipes and mary says you can use any type of citrus because everything works? >> exactly, everything is so healthy, and some of the blood oranges have antioxidants in them. >> the lineup of citrus is crazy. >> and what is this? >> this is a citron and this is a buddhist hand, in the lemon family, and here is a



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