Cooking With Carley – Corn Salad

Carley mixes up a easy, Fourth of July favorite for your backyard BBQ.
? ? >>> is that you singing? >> and ber. role out those — time for cooking with corny — i mean carley. what are we making today? >> this is going to be good. this is fourth of july coming up this weekend. you need something cool and refreshing, all those grilling things he was coking up looked good. >> ice cream, what about that? >> i know. i don’t do the grill though. this is easy though. you don’t bake this. just stir it together and it is good to go. this is from miss paula deen. high y’all. >> from paula deen’s mouth into carley’s ears it was whispered and passed down with love. >> do you like paula den? >> i do. i like her hair. she makeses bread puting with krispy kreme doughnutses. >> that sounds god. >> any doughnuts in this? >> no. this is paula deen’s corn salad. there are the ingredientses right there. the recipes i like normally ten ingredients or less. we will put this on



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