Cooking With Carley

Blueberry Banana Pien-1 pre-baked graham cracker crustn-1 bananan-1 can blueberry pie fillingn-1 8-oz. pkg. cream cheesen-3/4 Cup granulated or powdered sugarn-3/4 Cup whipped toppingn nnDirections:nLet cream cheese come to room temperature and cream together with sugar. Fold in cool whip. Layer graham cracker crust according to the following:nLayer 1: sliced banananLayer 2: cream cheese mixturenLayer 3: blueberry pie filling
? ? >>> dance. just because kids are heading back to school, we have been talking about this is the last week of summer and you just did a segment extending the summer. >> forever, amen. >> we are going to do that today by making a no-bake blue berry bana pie. >> i like the no bake part. you don’t have to heat up the kitchen. it is always hot in florida. >> someone asked did i think of this recipe? no, this is another family recipe. but i’ve had it several times and this t. is very god. this right here are the ingredients. my thing is i like recipes that really have ten ingredients railroaingredients orless. less stuff to do and less to buy. >> you have a team of firefighters waiting. they thought you were going to be cooking and might set the place on fire. >> we would be safe. there are the ingredients there. the first thing we are going to do, here is the store-bought, i don’t make my



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